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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of CBD

Section 1 The ugly part of CBD oil is that it can be misused and abused and distributed almost right out of the kitchen door. The popularity of CBD oil or Cannabidiol oil is sweeping the nation faster than a prairie fire! Why? Because it works. Because it can be cheaply made and promoted. It’s […]

Cannabis – Low Back Pain

Do you know that people treat their aches and pains with MMJ (Medical Marijuana)? I know I didn’t. No one ever told me that they treated their back pain with it but they sure cried the blues over low back pain regularly. That got me thinking about it. In a book called “Cannabis for Chronic […]


POTUS TRUMP He came through with flying colors! It was December 20, 2018 and he signed a most historically binding event! POTUS Trump allowed the separation of cannabis from the plant Sativa thereby making it possible for farmers to grow it without fear. Prior to this signing of The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, farmers […]