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There is a shock wave going on around the planet. No one expected the Seniors of the world to embrace the cannabis as a healing plant. The energetic gusto that is driving them to dispensaries is phenomenal.

For many many years it’s been considered a tool of the foolish youth and those hanging onto their your in middle age. A tool to enjoy life in a state of euphoria. The high you get when you smoke cannabis. It’s been demonized by the very seniors who are using it today for easing the pains of age.

What so many don’t realize is that our health is probably our most delicate gift in life. We treat it so badly with really bad processed food. We stretch our endurance in work and play to the limits of our body. That sleep we passed on so that we could party the night away, well it’s never going to be recovered.

It seems like for every restaurant and liquor store there is at least one new dialysis center in the area and no more than a mile or two apart. Young and old are guests of the center that cleans out their blood. 

The weight of the young people of today is obscenely out of balance with the body’s ability to cope and daily we hear about it. The news tells us that the incidences of diseases that used to belong to the seniors is now showing in the young adults and teenagers. Even grade-school  students are dealing with terrible health problems.

The medical system is overloaded with specialists who cannot pay attention to the whole person and as everyone becomes directed to another specialist, their health issues are dissected. When that happens, and the doctors don’t speak to each other but merely screen very quickly the report given to them, the patient suffers.

Drugs are prescribed that do not work well with each other. So, doctors are contacted about side effects that could have been avoided but the over load of patients leaves the doctors little opportunity to really study the patients. Many people of senior age have more than one doctor. The combined total of drugs can reach scary numbers like 13 drugs at a time! 

What is not considered are the ailments that doctors tell us they can’t do anything about. Chronic pain from accidents, falling down, etc. is a big factor in poor health. Dealing with bouts of anxiety is rampant in all ages. Auto-immune diseases are keeping so many people house-bound. Drug dependence, bowel inflammations, arthritis, migraines … these are not easily repaired.

Doctors know there are no answers. Those in chronic pain are simply told to learn how to live with it. However, there is a revolution taking place. Even as aged as 92 years, they are flocking to purchase the cannabis in so many different stages of use.

There are simple tinctures which are so easy to use, there are edibles which must be carefully eaten so as not to over indulge both the joy and the eating of them. There is what is known as vaping  which is smoking vapor and that is easier on the delicate lungs.

50 years ago the strongest concession to self-medicate was more like a shot of whiskey. Grandma would never ever have given in to having a thing to do with cannabis. If Grandpa did, it was out of sight so no one would think him a degenerate for smoking the devil’s weed. You sure have come a long way baby!

No longer is it anathema to smoke cannabis. CBD oil is the new king of kindness to our chronic pains and auto-immune disasters. Treating your poor suffering child with CBD oil for seizures and the elderly with it so that they can make it through the anxious day is becoming normal. Until you know someone or see the effects of cannabis in any form and the help it gives, you might still be a foe of the plant.

The absolute worst part is, where the people need it and the state forbids it, the suffering is devastating.  It is truly heartbreaking to watch and hear about people who have no hope. They have to move completely to another state if they want freedom from pain. Unfortunately, they stay put, take the chemical lab drugs and suffer on. Or, they say the hell with it, and have their own private garden and create their own oils and edibles and vape products.

As time goes by, the tsunami of cannabis acceptance will continue. It will never displace alcohol but it will surely displace the chemical lab drugs. It has no side-effects on it’s own but it might interact with some chemical lab drugs. That resolution will hopefully arrive soon and then there will be no hindrance to peaceful whole health for seniors.

We cheer for the pioneers of the cannabis movement who never gave up. For the many who have turned 180 degrees to understanding instead of discarding the truths we were told about cannabis, we salute you too. So much has yet to be learned and so much more work needs to be done to keep it safe and not degenerated by greedy people out to make a buck. Instead of helping everyone, they only help their own greed.

Continue the march toward health freedom. If we don’t those coming up will not make it.

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