He came through with flying colors! It was December 20, 2018 and he signed a most historically binding event!

POTUS Trump allowed the separation of cannabis from the plant Sativa thereby making it possible for farmers to grow it without fear.

Prior to this signing of The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, farmers were struggling as they have for years against the huge agricultural monoliths who have taken the farms and incorporated them into giant farms. Stripping away the benefits of farming and leaving our farmers to compete against the imports of hemp from abroad.

This has finally been taken care of and more than that, by changing so many things, our people can finally enjoy prosperity as never before.

I quote from Progressive Grocer (

  • It rejects the administration’s Harvest Box proposal that would have converted 40 percent of SNAP program benefits into a government-run home food delivery service that would have cost more than 200,000 supermarket industry jobs, according to the organization 
  •  It rejects a credit card network move to repeal the longstanding prohibition on interchange fees
  • It permanently extends the temporary ban on EBT processing fees
  • It rejects the administration’s SNAP application fee proposal requiring retailers to pay a tax on store EBT transaction volume
  • It invests millions of new dollars in a Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive (FINI) program – also known as Double Up Food Bucks – and expands opportunities for supermarkets through a new retail-focused healthy-food incentive program 
  • It preserves the choices of SNAP customers without restricting their purchases to certain categories of food products
  • It expands nutrition education programs, including SNAP Ed
  • It provides financing to grocery stores that open locations in food deserts, via the Healthy Food Financing Initiative
  • It expands workforce development and employment training programs, potentially giving grocers an opportunity to access a growing workforce

Grocers weren’t the only stakeholders to hail the bill’s passage into law.

“The 2018 Farm Bill is a major victory for fresh produce,” asserted Robert Guenther, SVP of public policy at the Washington, D.C.-based United Fresh Produce Association, who was present at the signing ceremony. “Despite differences between the House and Senate, Congress has once again shown that when legislation is dealt with in a bipartisan manner, the American people will benefit.”

Additionally, as the law “both legalizes hemp as an agricultural commodity and removes it from the controlled-substances list, [and] gives states the opportunity to be the primary overseers of hemp production,” in the words of Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), sponsor of the provision, growers of the crop and manufacturers of products made from it were enthusiastic about the possibilities, including for foods and supplements, as well as for other retail products.

The benefits for our medical community are going to be some of the most outstanding in our history.

Constant efforts to fund trials for medicinal use will be easier to perform. One of the best outcomes of this bill is that it brings up a way for people to use this awesome and amazing plant for health benefits.

You have seeds, oils, tinctures, compresses, foods and more.

The hemp products are rich in essential nutrients, improves hair, skin and nail health, aids in digestion issues, reduces inflammation. soothing for anxiety and more …

This list includes a small testimony to the efficacious results people say they obtain from the use of the oil.

It can be used topically. It can be taken orally or sub-lingually as they say.

And … the food! Smoothies, baked, ground, boiled into meals … it’s one of the most flexible foods on the planet.

It’s being called the Green Rush because of the economic giant it will become both in our financial houses and in our farmers worlds.

The whole new crop of users will require a support system throughout the medical field where so little of this is familiar.

You will find educational resources popping out of everywhere because the demand will be so big.

Rarely can one find such a simple plant to such great things such as making rope, paper and hemp concrete!

We look forward to the newest remedial plant that I expect to see great things happening from this time forward.

Thank you to all the Senators, Representatives and President Trump for making this possible!

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