Never Too Old To Try Cannabis

So, I come across this article in the New York Times dated last year, December 7 about older people in Orange county using cannabis to self treat their health issues. As if that wasn’t strange enough, a NY paper carrying local news is odd to me but to find out that seniors are interested in cannabis! That is absolutely amazing. Many people still associate the use of hemp, marijuana, cannabis as youthful drugs.

There are just not pictures of senior citizens sitting around looking stoned. That is the image that comes to mind when one thinks of the DEA and the FDA chasing down derelict pot users. Only they are not stoned. In fact they are far from it. Cannabis is the fast growing plant that is making headlines around the world and one group that is targeting it is the senior citizen crowd.

It’s been around forever and it’s been vilified along with the psychoactive version of the plant by the governments around the world. For good reason, I suppose. Because it’s mainly viewed as a party drug and it’s usually the party animals that one sees in drug busts and celebrity arrests that are made of young people.

But look at these new bits of information. Doctors are expecting the use of cannabis by seniors to increase along with the number of states legalizing it’s use.  The polls are saying that the public support is there so why not? Is it helping them?

It seems like 65 is the accepted age of Senior Citizen status. I know some places like restaurants used to use 55. It varies but for this purpose, let’s go with 65. Who is using it? Better yet, who is using it without doctoral guidance? Well, quite a few it seems. According to a post on NPR dated September 12, 2018, one fourth of Americans over 65 had been given the go-ahead from their doctors.

The way it looks is like this. Prescription drugs tend to cause lots of problems with the human body as it ages to the point where the folks can just say they had enough. They can stop it. No one can force them to use prescription meds. Unlike a child who has no choice, or an employee with a job boss who insists on things like vaccinations, these seniors can walk away.

As long as it’s not a life threatening situation they are free to indulge in what they like. Let’s face it, a hangover is no fun at any age and much worse as an older adult. Smoking or vaping, eating edibles or using drops and gummies which leave no hangover effects sure sounds like a winner to me. So why not ease the pains, the anxieties, the neuropathic pains, tremors, nausea, spasticity and on and on. The relief from maladies like these using cannabis is unique in our time.

Since cannabis was outlawed in 1937 and subsequently determined to be unconstitutional, it was then really killed by the Controlled Substances Act in 1970. It was due to be removed but Nixon left it in. Amazing isn’t it, how this one man’s decision is causing so much pain and so much time has been lost. Imagine for a moment how much farther along we could be with this plant and it’s healing properties if not for Nixon. I was one of those who believed that cannabis was bad. They did the greatest cover-up on this plant imaginable.

My father died of brain cancer and I am positive that had we had this plant in action and known what is is capable of, he would be alive or we would have had him a bit longer. The evidence is available and studies are actually performed with research on the plant yet it is suppressed and put out that it’s not good.

Well, after seeing what a tiny bit of industrial help that was stripped down to an isolate status could do, I am firmly convinced that Full Extract Cannabis Oil must surely be a gift from God!

Let me quote from Dr. Joshua Briscoe here. “We prescribe substances that are far more dangerous than cannabinoids,” says Briscoe, noting that older people can be more likely to experience a medication’s side effects. There you have it folks. He is the physician at Duke University School of Medicine.

There are many others like him in the medical profession who have to hide their beliefs about cannabis because of the possible push-back from their employers. Let’s face it, huge donations or grants and the like are given to medical entities in exchange for the promotion and distribution of their pharmacological products. They don’t want to upset the apple cart and that is just my opinion.

February 29, 2017 in the NY Times again there is another amazing article. The first line is, “Ruth Brunn finally said yes to marijuana. She is 98.” It’s time in 2019 to come out of hiding and enjoy pain free living.

If you are a Senior citizen or a Baby Boomer, you can enjoy your life pain free. You will not be tossed into jail. You can grow your own plant with a medical card and joining a coop. Or you can pay someone to get it for you. The genie is out of the bottle and the people are finally enjoying the so called golden years after all.



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