Medical Marijuana aka Cannabis

Part 1

The question on everyone’s mind is …

People are hearing that marijuana helps ease pain and they are wondering what is medical marijuana?  Well friends, it’s the newest old player in the  world of medicine.

I will skip the history lesson because there are many blogs and posts on that already. Feel free to do an internet search on that.

When the term medical marijuana is used, it is meant to convey an image separate from recreational marijuana. It is designed to elevate the lowly drug associated with abuse to a level that it really deserves … a level of loving acceptance.

Originally, at least for people born from the 1950’s to today, marijuana was commonly known as “pot or weed.”  Since August 2, 1937 marijuana gained a scurrilous identification as a “get wasted” drug that was a bit below getting wasted on alcohol. It was a truly demonized plant when it actually was already used as medicine in treating people for ailments.

Even previous presidents hid their use of it as if it was criminal. Oh, wait! Until December of 2018 it was criminal! It was a Schedule 1 drug. It was right up there with the El Chapo types as a way to make easy money off the drug addicts. It’s not all roses with the legalization either. One man said that it hurt recreational users because now marijuana just for enjoyment was more expensive than before.

Anyway, let’s move on to the product. Well, CBD is not protected by the new law and yet it’s the biggest component of medical marijuana acceptance today. CBD is legal, it works, it’s everywhere so its accessible. The FDA has stepped in and put a stop to using it in edibles. They make assertions that hemp oil is a drug ingredient. This means that they are the ones who can say yes or no to products with the oil in it and that applies nationwide.

Many states are now clamping down on their local laws to stop the use of marijuana in edibles for starters. Transporting it across state lines is now causing truckers to become criminals as the Feds are arresting them for interstate transport of hemp. The regulation of it is what is the problem. There are no hard and fast rules yet. Entrepreneurs and growers are making up the rules as they go.

Part 2

The BIG PROBLEM is cannabis has two big designations. One is THC and the other is CBD. THC is illegal and will remain so until a big enough revolt happens and that probably will not happen as long as people can become inebriated using alcoholic drinks. CBD however, has a few hurdles to overcome as a medically useful plant.

CBD, which is the more commonly used medical marijuana, is also the fastest growing choice for people too. The reason for this is the plant can be deconstructed and the THC removed so that it’s safe. It will not make you high. Well, maybe if you can down a gallon of it which is highly unlikely. The dangerous psychoactive THC is not present in CBD that is widely available. This creates a sense of acceptability for us.

Let’s face it, everyday we are bombarded with the prescription drugs in the news causing all sorts of addictions. People are dying as I write this from doctor dispensed drugs. Along comes this stunning new “old fashioned” plant with the capacity to stop seizures, ease chronic pain, relieve auto-immune pain, lessen anxiety, it’s legal to use and much more. Moms can dose their children and watch as a miracle happens in 20-30 minutes. Their child becomes calm from having been a raving, head banging, confused and helpless human being. Look at this ===> Click Here  (video) of a man with Parkinson’s disease and you will understand what it is capable of.

Medical marijuana is about the use of the whole plant for making tinctures, edibles, oils, extracts that are not harmful to the body as they allow the body to heal itself. This marvelous life giving plant is the ENEMY of our big pharmaceutical corporations. It will cost so much less than commercial drugs. It can be grown in your own yard for your own use or with a marijuana co-op. You can make your own tinctures, poultices, herbal remedies using this plant. As a medical aid, nothing can touch it for it’s abilities. The amazing realization about this plant is that no matter how bad the snake oil salesmen try, they cannot fully stop the plant from working as it will.

Part 3

Since the FDA prohibits the addition of CBD to food products for resale commercially, the medical marijuana field has taken a hit. We believe that this Sacred Plant should be available for use to anyone in any form when it is a medical emergency. Finding the deliver-ability that works is critically important and the government should not take a way the methods that work for us.

Another controversy over medical marijuana is the lack of regulation which is creating a huge opportunity for the scumbags who are taking advantage of the helpless. People are buying the promises of relief. People are not delivering on the promises of relief. Medical marijuana is getting a bad rap. How do we stop it?

Anyone looking for a way to learn how to navigate the new medicine must find a reputable consultant to help with the journey. A medical marijuana health consultant is available to teach, instruct and be a resource to guide you safely to a dis-ease free life. For those who are already familiar with marijuana as a recreational drug, it’s going to be a shock to learn how well it can help those who don’t use it like that. People are sick and tired of being sick and tired and finding no relief with doctor dispensed drugs.

The greatest fear we experience with medical marijuana is the fear of ignorance.  It is stopping you from taking action. Fear is keeping you on drugs that you are familiar with even though they create acidic conditions in your body that only continue to destroy your health. Not knowing how to acquire it, not knowing how to use medical marijuana, or what type of marijuana to use or brand of CBD oil to buy can be a hindrance for those who really need it.

Do yourself a favor and use a Cannabis Health Coach.  To learn more about medical marijuana, please click on the link below with any questions or concerns you have.

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