Conversation About Cannabis

This is how it went down at the laundromat. Watching the dryer spinning with my now sparkling clean laundry, I struck up a chat with a lady doing the same thing.

Me: “Do you know anything about cannabis?”

Lady: “What is cannabis?”

Me: “Some people call it pot or marijuana.”

Lady: “Oh, yeah. Lots of people I know use it. Smoke it mostly.”

Me: “Have you ever heard of CBD oil?”

Lady: “Yeah. I saw it on the shelf at the CVS too. I was gonna buy some.”

Me: “Which one did you get?”

Lady: “I didn’t. I wasn’t sure which one to try. I hear its good for different things. My friend is selling one too and I haven’t tried hers yet but it’s real expensive. And then, a friend of a friend told me that she knows someone who makes her own and I should get it from her cheap but I am still thinking about which one I should get.”

Me: “Yeah, I hear you. It’s gotten really popular so that almost everyone knows about it but you know … not all of them are the same.”

Lady: “Well, I don’t mind giving it a try but I am afraid at the same time.”

Me: “What are you afraid of?”

Lady: “I don’t know how to choose and I don’t know which is the better one to buy. I mean, how do I know which is going to help me? I’m kinda stuck but I’m really interested.”

Me: “What are you thinking of using it for?”

Lady: “My back hurts. They told me to try it on my muscles because it’s really good for that and it lasts and doesn’t smell .”

Me: “I heard that too but I don’t use it for that.”

Lady: “So, you use it huh?”

Me: “Yeah. I was using one this guy sold me. It goes under my tongue. It seemed good.”

Lady: “Yeah?”

Me:”Yeah. Then I found out that it’s not a good enough one. It’s made with industrial hemp and doesn’t have all the good stuff in it. It gets the job done but a full spectrum one would be better.”

Lady: “Full spectrum? Never heard of that. What is it?”

Me: “It’s part of when they process it. You know, once it’s picked in the field and taken to the factory to be processed, they do different ways. Some make it full spectrum and some make it isolate.”

Lady: “Isolate too? What is that?”

Me: “Isolate is not good. Nope. It’s where they take the plant and remove all the parts called cannabinoids. What’s left is weak shit. I know I don’t want that. They charge a lot for it too and it’s not as good and the expensive one well, so why would I do that, right? When I found out mine was an isolate, I stopped it right away. I felt bad because it did work but still …”

Lady: “What did you do then?”

Me: “I found a lady who knew a lot more than anyone else I could find and I called her up. After talking to her and she explained it to me. She said that full spectrum is made with all the parts of the plant intact and that it was done in a way that kept all the cannabinoids which is the part that works to ease pain. And, she said the stem is the best part for getting CBD from.”

Lady: ” Wow … really?”

Me: ” Yeah, and she said that the more we separate it the less it works. And, then she said, that distillate is when all you are getting is the CBD molecule but I haven’t seen anything advertised as distillate yet. I don’t wanna know either. I hear the stuff is clear and pretty because they remove the plant matter which I guess is the pieces. I’m not sure.

The big thing she told me was that CO2 extraction is the worst. It presses the plant with air and destroys everything except for the acid that the temperature is set to extract so when they push everything through that air pocket, they’re killing all the terpenes in the back panel of the plant and they’re just raising the acid of CBD  and once they get it out, they still have to run it through a secondary system to take out the shit like waxes and this whole process ends up pushing up the acid of the THC or CBD higher.

Turns out that is the stuff I was using. It’s empty is what it is. The little bit left from the whole plant is working but not anywhere nearly as good as the full spectrum does.”

Lady: ” You’re serious about this aren’t you?”

Me: ” I sure am. I’m doing all I can not to use chemical meds not even aspirin or Tylenol at all. Since this doesn’t get me high, I am all for it. I don’t need to know what  a terpene is but if it came with it, I’d rather have it stay there too.”

Lady: “Yeah, I would too. Gee, I am glad I ran into you. I learned a lot more than I did when I got here. But, I might still try the CVS one. I don’t have lots of extra money to blow.”

Me: “Naw, don’t go there. If you get the good stuff, the full spectrum stuff, you will only need a drop. I am not kidding you either. A drop. Shit, that whole bottle will last you a lot longer than the cheap stuff and be better too.”

Lady: “A drop? No way!”

Me: “Yup. A drop. If you have a lot of pain, you can add more but really, it’s amazing. My bottle looks like it’s still full and I’ve had it for almost a month and the other one only lasted a month because I put a dropper-ful. Imagine going from a dropper-ful to a drop! And, it was actually cheaper than the isolate or distillate or what ever you call the first one. The junk one. Look, give me your number and I will text you the link to her website and you can look for yourself.”

Lady: “Wow, thanks! I sure am glad I met you!”




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