Cannabis Health Coach

Back in June of 2018, I was introduced to hemp oil. I wasn’t told that the product was hemp oil. I was simply told that if I sold this through network marketing that I could make money fast at a rate of $200 per person if I signed them up for the highest level.

That news grabbed my attention since I was adrift and looking for a new way to make money. I watched the video and the lady was chugging something down but I had no clue what CBD was and since she didn’t fall off the chair or go nuts on the stuff she was taking, I signed on the dotted line.

My first shipment arrived and as frightened as I was to try it, I finally gave in. By now I knew it was marijuana in a form that did not make you high. But, I was still afraid to try it. My upline said everybody has something wrong and we should use our product. After being fully convinced it would do no harm and that was by my own research because the company did not offer information on the products use.

That part of the system bothered me a lot. Who was I to tell people to use this product and I had no information to back up my claim that it would do no harm? Shortly thereafter, I discovered what a hard sell it was because people did not trust it and I was not a social butterfly where I had loads of friends.

You pretty much need people with a problem- an issue that they are struggling with. Messing with people’s health and any medication they are on is not good. It gives both the industry and the user a bad feeling if things do not work out. We are not doctors to prescribe even plant based medicinal type products.

My whole focus was changed after 3 months of trying to peddle the product. Instead, I began looking for a way to learn more.  There was absolutely no where to look that I could think of. I had no idea where to even begin. I saw website after website promoting it but nothing to help understand how to use it per person. Only huge general things. The problem was, I did not know where to look.

It’s bad enough we as humans ignore our bodies warning signs when we have things like cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic pain. Until we are at death’s door or immobilized by it, we don’t seek help. The same thing goes with the promoting of healthy supplements. They are quite capable of doing harm and since there’s no profit in it for Big Pharma, they don’t bother to research its pros and cons.

Thankfully, some people are ahead of the curve. It makes no difference if it’s because of their own pain or something that just reached out to their heart and makes it their mission in life. These people are literally saving lives because they care more. Yes, more. They are out to make more than money – they are out to save lives.

One day, I found an offering to learn how to be a Cannabis Health Coach. That intrigued me. So, I looked at all the details and it made great sense to me. By now, I was over the moon thrilled with my use of CBD oil. Then again, I did not have huge health issues, some chronic pain that was easily ignored or managed. The CBD oil rocked my world and I wanted to know why it did that. Well, here was my chance.

After I had been kicked off of FB with my promo ads, I was at a loss for what to do. I’d paid lots of money to learn how to do online advertising and now it was not allowed because my product was CBD oil. So, I went to a page of the guy who had been instrumental in the loss of my thousands of dollars. While I did not hold it against him but I did hold it against the person he hired, it did not help things.

While perusing his FB page looking for help in getting my CBD product advertised, a woman responded. Her idea was to meet and discuss it.

One day, I had a free moment and she happened to reach out. During our inspection of each other and what we had to offer to each other, an amazing thing occurred.

Me: “I’ve recently signed up for a coaching course to learn how to help people get healthy by coaching them in how to understand and use it.”

She: “I’ve just started my own course. I wonder who it could be.”

Me: “I just signed up and I’m waiting for confirmation of an appointment.”

She: ” Wow, I wonder who it could be since I’m taking appointments too.”

Me: “Let me go look while we are talking and I will tell you who it is.”

Me: ” It says James Brinkerhoff.”

She: “That’s my husband!” and at the same time Me: “and Sonia Gomez!”

We both begin to swoon with shock and amazement! She was the one I was going to learn about this miraculous plant and the oil and how to do it ALL!

To make things even more synchronicity spinning, Sonia had been taught online marketing under the same guy as me. She’d been at his first ever training event in the States in San Diego, CA and I had been at his last training event ever in Costa Rica! What a small world indeed!

So, I was accepted into this amazing and awesome important Cannabis Health Coach training and certification program inside of  If you would like more information , please reach out here ===> for more information and let her know that Alley Kat sent you!

I’m in the final stages and soon will be on my way to helping people recover their lost health and enable them, empower them and be a resource for their health and happiness.



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