As Seniors Go, So Does Everyone Else

When browsing the internet to learn what I could about senior use of cannabis, before me an article popped up about how our senior citizens are swarming to embrace the CBD craze. Being that it’s an important thing to take note of, my thought was, let’s look at why.

For starters, we will all be in the senior citizen category God willing and the creek don’t rise. It’s still an amazing thing to reach old age. Every so often, I hear from folks who used to be a wild biker chick or dude ruminating on how they can’t believe they are not dead!

Even more surprising is that they need to use cannabis, pot, weed, ganja … you name it . Not to get “high” anymore. Nope, it’s so that they can stop hurting. It’s so they can kill the f(#<:#() cancer that is making their life misery.

They are coming from every demographic … rich, poor, healthy, unhealthy, wild living, cautious living. You name it, dis-ease strikes even the most godly of us all. Dis-ease is not a punishment for living too well or not too well. It’s just a factor we neglect to pay attention to until it’s too late. Most struggle with the pains and aches until they are immobilized by it and then they try to fix it.

Do not delay no matter how healthy you are. Find a good CBD and start using it even if you have nothing wrong. Why? Because seniors and youth alike have what is called an Endocannabinoid system. The receptors in this system are like magnets for the cannabis and the locking of the receptor to the molecule switches on the power. More on that later, but for now what you need to know is  to take action while the body is functioning and nothing worse than a headache is present. Or, a hangover. Just sayin’.

So many stunned over the hill at 65 seniors are waking up to life. Unexpectedly, they never prepared for it because … well, they just didn’t. Not everything has a reason that can be stated in words but more in emotions. Please do not let fear at your age be the reason you do not take a good look in your golden years at the one remedy you can both afford and can use with great results.

Women as well as men suffer with arthritis, chronic pain, cancer, auto-immune diseases and more. Even though in some cases it’s an inflammatory condition, it feels like the curse of the devil. Joints that once moved with ease now creak like a wooden floor. CBD can fix that. It interrupts the pain signals and let’s the inflammation subside. 

Baby boomers are flocking to dispensaries searching for the magic plant. Side by side with the younger generations, who are looking for recreational pot they shop together. Perhaps the youth today will be much better off than the seniors because they have access at a much younger age and legally too.

The down side to this wonderful plants healing properties is the negative feedback it has. Religions and cultures reject using marijuana/cannabis for any reason. How people would rather suffer than get healthy or pain free is what I don’t get.

Yet, they will toss down the disgusting chemical drugs the doctor pushes on them without question. And, then when SHTF and the doctor has to adjust the prescription, they are actually happy! They do not want to admit that they are the one who regulates their body. All they do is tell the doctor what is happening and he writes out a prescription. He won’t know a darn thing until they tell him. Is that crazy?

If they had their own bottle of properly certified pure CBD oil, they could manage their pain immediately. A natural pain killer that if they wanted to take the time to mess with it, they could grow it their self. No side effects and if any do develop, it’s easily treatable. When you stop using the CBD, the pain returns within a day and you have to start treating it all over with whatever method you want. Go to the doctor again if you like. No harm done. It’s not a gateway drug either. I used to think it was but my ignorance is gone.

Some seniors are over the fear though. It must be that they figure it will be worth the try because all else is failing. Just ask anyone you know who is under a doctors care. They hobble, they lean on canes, ride wheelchairs, sit in a chair for hours or lie in bed. They are immobile because of their pain and the doctor given meds aren’t doing a damn thing. So they give in and try CBD that their grand-kid or super cool family member fetches for them and suddenly … they are moving like a teenager again.

We all need help getting into new modes of living including new medical ventures. It’s very hard for seniors to go where the unfamiliar is. They like to have company. Getting your own Cannabis Health Coach is very popular these days. It’s inexpensive compared to the misery that comes from purchasing and using the wrong cannabis product for your dis-ease. That can make the whole thing go badly. It’s important that it’s done right.

Medical marijuana is not a toy. It’s not to be treated like worthless snake oil. The myriad of ways to use what is known as MMJ (medical marijuana) is very critical to your health. Just because it works simply and efficiently is no reason to discard it as a temporary trend. It’s been around since the first witch doctor or wizard figured out how to use it.

Unlike the chemicals which take years to develop and then test (if they do it at all) and then market it to us through the doctors and hospitals, MMJ is grown in one growing season. It can be juiced in a juicer. It can be dried and smoked. It can be made into a tincture for using under your tongue which is called sub-lingually. It can be vaped to go easy on your lungs.

Don’t let me get started on the awesomeness of the THC in the fight against cancer. Medical fieldworkers such as doctors are highly compensated for their pushing of the Big Pharma drugs. The last thing they want you to know is that it cures cancer. Think about it. Maybe you already have thought this. If the cure for cancer was found these charities would disappear. Just look at this insane list of charities to kill or stop cancer!

Search Results
53 Charities

That’s crazy! This next list is taken from an article in Medium by a man named Eric Geisterfer who says this: I’ve done volunteer background research for Project CBD. The Endocannabinoid System is a scientific fact. It is the reason why cannabis works as a medicine.

He wrote or compiled the following:

The List

This is an ongoing project. As I find more documented cases, I add them to the list.

I put this case at the top of the list because some people claim the placebo effect is responsible for these outcomes. Well, an 8 month old baby is not subject to the placebo effect. MRI of 8 month old child with brain tumor cured with cannabis oil (MRI shown 52 seconds into video).

Dennis Hill did his graduate work at Baylor Medical School and was a cancer researcher at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. He was diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer. Based on his own knowledge of cancer and how cannabis oil works, he opted to try cannabis oil to cure himself.

Andy Ashcraft

Brian Stewart (famous Canadian race driver)

Stan Rutner

Mike Cutler

Corrie Yelland

Joanne Crowther

P.K. 14 year old, case written up in Case Reports in Oncology

Alysa Erwin

Susannah Patch

Kelly Hauf

“Melissa” anonymous name

Jonah Allen

Amber — Raw Cannabis Juice Video 7:58–9:43

Michael McShane two part article

Ed Moore

Joseph Siler

Lindsey Martin

Harry du Plessis

Jessica Olson

William Frost

Amelia Powers

Tammy Levent

Taylor Rehmeyer

Cheryl Pearson

Alan Park

Alexander Kephart

Laurie Gaddis

Lin Coxon

Simon Coleman

Linda Morado

Gary Hill

Augusta Fleming

Ethan Stewart

Dee Mani

Andrea Urban

Rhonda Gossett

Braden Stevenson

Cheyenne Zwicker

Tiffany Youngs

Shona Leigh

Rheanna Trepanier

Henry Cobbs

Cecilia Von Harz

Two unnamed patients

Elle Thomas

Mandy Drew

Ron Nixon


Kelly McQue

Lynn Cameron

After looking at and comparing these two lists, which one resonates with your emotional and logical brain?

One lives off of dollars donated and the other lives off of medical marijuana used purposefully. Not out of deep pockets of the gullible.

And, just to wrap this up nicely, seniors, babies, teenagers, middle age, all races, all genders respond to marijuana as a treatment for pain, cancer and enjoyment very well.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please send an email to …

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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