Month: March 2019

The Acid/Alkaline Balance and CBD

  You all have heard of the Acid/Alkaline balance. It’s been the rage and mantra of the health and wellness industry since the 1920’s. There used to be places where the whole lifestyle was devoted to one long effort at finding the ultimate health plan. Back then, hemp was still part of life. It had […]

Cannabis Health Coach

Back in June of 2018, I was introduced to hemp oil. I wasn’t told that the product was hemp oil. I was simply told that if I sold this through network marketing that I could make money fast at a rate of $200 per person if I signed them up for the highest level. That […]

Teen Acne and CBD? Whaaaat???

In America, we know all there is to know about acne … or at least anyone over ten years old knows. It’s the dreaded skin condition guaranteed to ruin the pre-teen and teen years with dis-figuration. Or, if you are fortunate to know how to handle it in advance or your parents do, you can […]

Day of The Jackhole

Part 1 The Day of The Jackhole is in honor of people who disdain organic, non-invasive, non-addictive health care in favor of industrial, commercialized, chemically based medicine with addictive and side-effect properties. The Jackhole is impressed with the letters following the name of the man who spends today $2.6 million to become a doctor. The […]

As Seniors Go, So Does Everyone Else

When browsing the internet to learn what I could about senior use of cannabis, before me an article popped up about how our senior citizens are swarming to embrace the CBD craze. Being that it’s an important thing to take note of, my thought was, let’s look at why. For starters, we will all be […]

Medical Marijuana aka Cannabis

Part 1 The question on everyone’s mind is … People are hearing that marijuana helps ease pain and they are wondering what is medical marijuana?  Well friends, it’s the newest old player in the  world of medicine. I will skip the history lesson because there are many blogs and posts on that already. Feel free to […]